Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sorry That I Loved You

Days ago, I was listening this song through Red FM. That moment i was wondering which British or American is singing. So, when i back home, i google the song title 'sorry that I love you'. Anthony Neely was appear. I didnt believe it. So, i search the song again in Youtube. Again, Anthony Neely pop out! So, i decide to listen to it to see whether is this song that I looking for?

Ta ra~~ It is!! So incredible.

I love this song very much. ^^

Just click and try to listen to it.
'Sorry that I Love You'~~ Enjoy~~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bloodsucker collection!!!

I love bloodsucker!

I have my second vampire story collection!

I do love vampire pretty much!

Since I start reading Twilight saga series, I was completely fall into the vampire world. I don't know why... So don't ask me when you meet me. Hehe.. I just love it pretty much!!!! Much much much!!!!

Now, I have my second collection!! The Vampire Diaries!!!!! I'm so looking forward to it~~

Elena and Stefan~~~

Just bought from bookstore~ Hot, fresh and juicy~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


workoliday? The word that you never found in the dictionary. Haha. A word created by me. Copyright reserved ya. =p

Work + Holiday.... Hahaha.. Haiz.. You thought is fun? It's doesnt ok? Two weeks ago, I already apply 3 days leave. But. . . last week, my boss suddenly ask me go S'pore with my colleague! Actually is ok 1 lo. But, the most important is it crash with my leave
and i miss out tammie bday celebration party at Berjaya Hotel!!!! So how??? I have to cancel my leave lo and cant attend lo... What the fuck!
Haiz...Depart on Wed then come bek on the Monday (means i just came bek on yesterday)

Day 1. . .

My boss driving.. Boss was driving his volkswagen.. Hahaha..Actually we want to go Melaka meet a client 1st, but drive too fast and he was chit chating with Mei (colleague) then overshoot about 100km oredi (I was sleeping at the bek.hahaha) Reach yong peng leh! Crazy!! What to do? U-turn lo.. zzzzzzzz... Because of have appoinment with client at 10.30am then my boss speeding! Unluckily, kena roadblock! (my boss quite sui on that day)

After Melaka, we have to stop at JB to meet another client. Wow!! First time I saw GTR and ferrari in a short distance. GTR was so gorgeous. No photograph was allowed so cant capture any picture ad share with u all.. But if u really have interest on that GTR, then u can go KLIMS on this coming december. Hehehe.. Then hor, my boss really very very sui on that day lo, when we are taking our lunch, his car kena summon again! Illegal parking!!! Hahaha..

Reached S'pore about 4 sumting.

~ Mickey in the bed~

Day 2. . .

Wake up on 8am!! Gosh!! The set up is at 2pm lo.. Because my boss kia su, we have to wake up early.. T.T Haiz.... pity me..some more i still sick lo, almost a week still havent recover..

Then the whole afternoon was waiting and waiting!!! After we take our breakfast, it's till early u know? 4 hrs to go lo.. What to do? Sitting at the Marina Bay Sands small food court and wait thr lo after we window shop. sit there 2 hr do ntg!!! OMG!!!

We leave MBS expo and convention hall at 10pm..

Day 3. . .

10am start work. Actually me nothing to do 1.. Just have to take care the site and make sure everything is going smoothly. That's it. When my contractors doing their work, i just sit there only.. Hehe.. Sometimes I also help them did some light work la.. Just want to fast fast gao dim all the things then i can go bek hotel rest.. Hehe..

~ Complete!!~

Yeah!! The works was complete exactly at 7pm as the organizer only allow us to work til 7pm. =) Happy!! Then after that, we go Citylink to buy Godiva chocolate for the event. We spend S$260 just bought about 80++ pcs!!! Is only SMALL piece only eh!!!! We keep few pcs for ourselves.. Hehehe.. The taste is nice.. Less sweetness.. =) My first time eat Godiva.. ^^

Day 4. . .

Wake up at 6 sumting!! Because the florist will come at 8am to place the flowers at our booth. Is Ivory Rose.. After gao dim all the things, me and my colleague (Mei) go meet up with her friends. Since my sis didnt come find me and i fail to contact tong tong, then just follow her lo.. We take our lunch then go shopping.. Haiz..S'pore got ntg to go except shopping!!!! We go a lot of place to shop..hehe.. Bugis, Sommerset 313, and Orchard Road! I bought a pair of shoes.. =) Cost S$39.90

~Aw!! Gucci @ Orchard Road~

Day 5. . .

Still the same, have to visit the booth before we go any places. Today, we lunch at japanese restaurant at Raffles Place. Then shopping around there. Have 4 shoppong complex link together: Marina Square, City link, Suntec and Raffles Place.

At Suntec, there have a super sale!! Crocs is so damn cheap!!! Is about RM50 can buy one pair of crocs already! But it only for certain size only.. So sad! The adidas and nike also got discount. It's so fucking cheap! But I didnt buy anything. Hahaha..

At night, we had out dinner at Joo Chiat-eat steamboat with my contractors! Haha. S$15 per person. A lot of foods to eat la. The taste quite ok la.. I ate about 20 prawns + other foods.. Hahaha.. My colleagues and those contractors all stunt!! They call me prawn queen.. Hahaha..

Day 6. . .

Dismantling day! Finally~~ Dismantle at 9am. We gao dim at 10.30am. Takes 2 days to set up; but only about 2 hrs to dismantle!! =.="

After that, take our lunch at Jurong then go back KL!! ^^

Actually the contractor wana stop at Seremban eat crabs..But Mei wana rush bek to attend a wedding dinner. Then cancel d.. My crabs crabs!!!!!!!!!!

Haiz.. Thursday go Muar~~ Tired ar!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

RM950 dinner

Yesterday, my company held a raya dinner at Bubba Gump Sunway Piramid.

I ordered a meal (fish)><. The meal is so salty. =x Kimberly ask me whether want to complain and ask them to change another one for me anot. Then i say 'cincai' la. Hehe.. At last Kimberly complaint the food on my behalf.

Below is the conversation:-

Kim: The food is too salty la.....
Waiter: Oh. Ok. (Then he walk away)

After a minute....

Manager: What's the problem? The food is salty? (in a polite way)
Me and Kim: Yes.
Manager: Ok. Cause this type of fish is a bit fishy, so the taste will be a bit salty to cover the fishy taste. You want to change it to chicken? It's only take 5 minutes. Really 5 minutes only.
Me: (in my thought--If the fish is fishy why u still want to use this kind of fish leh??) Hmmm..Ok (agree to change the food).
(*actually the food I already eat half of it..hehe)

Guess what?? I wait more than 5 minutes. I think is about 15 minutes... zzzzzz

I still able to finish the food! I have to write a 'Fuk' word to myself. I Just left some smash potatoes only.. Hehee.. Geng ar!!!!

After main course, still got dessert! I love dessert. No matter how full am I. I still can eat. Wuahahaha..

.............. (chit chating, joking with big boss and small boss).......................

Big boss: Bill pls~
Kim: How much?
Big and small boss: RM950. Ok la. We expecting RM1200++.
Me, Kim: ........................

Of course, during the dinner time, we got take some photos la. But I haven't transfer to pc. Feel lazy lerrr. Next week sin la. xoxo~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

S for Singapore

Guess what?? Is related to Singapore again~

Haihz. Already apply for the leave but then had been appointed go to Singapore for an event. What to do? Have to cancel the leave lo.. Ma de... Sien~ My leave~~~~~~~~ *fly up high T.T

Just in advance to say goodbye to Malaysia. I think I'll away for a week.

My destination==>> KL-Melaka-JB-SINGAPORE!

Besides...... neh neh neh (sen sen borrow your slogan ya =p)

Blog title change again..Hehehe...

'The N' ^^ It doesn't mean it is 'end'. =p

Opppss..wana sing a song tim..
This is not the end, this is not the beginning~~ Blah blah blah... ><(u find out urself what song is that la)
A new song from Linkin Park. Love it! Muacks~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things to buy~


There's a lot a lot of things to buy!!!

Money not enough!!! I think these three words are the words that people mention the most.. Isn't it? Hahaha..

What I'm going to buy?

1. Garmin (it's so important to me cause I travel a lot ><)
2. A laptop ( cause i'm using dekstop right now, it's more convenient for me when I outstation =D)
3. iPhone 4 (perhaps~~ hahaha)

Anyone willing to give financial support to me? ^^

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pen M'sia Trip marathon

Oouchh!!! Pack! So pack! So damn pack!!!

Due to my job, I have to travel the whole peninsular malaysia. I'd went to Kedah, Penang, Perak and the upcoming one is Johor, Kuantan and etc.

Hmmm....It's kinda tired. Depart on Thursday and come back on Monday. Repeat every week. Repeat and repeat. There's only 1 word to describe this kind of situation---EXHAUSTED!! Come back on Monday also has to submit report. After few hours drive, has to facing those numbers. So freaking dizzy.. @@

BUT... Sometimes I do enjoy my trip la. Can work and play at the same time because most of the places I never go before. Hehe.. After the roadshow ended every night, I will visit those attractions which are located at that particular state that i go. Clever right??? >< Sometimes has to play smart la, company pay for the hotel, impossible you didnt grab this chance to visit those attractions right?? Hahaha..

Last week I went to Sitiawan, Perak. After work, I visited Teluk Batik and Lumut Waterfront during 4 nights at there. My hotel just 5 mins walk to Teluk batik. Hehehe.. I also try the seafood at Kampung Cina and buy a lot local food-- ''guang'' biscuit and satay ikan. Hahaha..

There's a lot of location to go........ Tired~~~~~
Eat 1 ton of bird nest also cant gain back my heathy skin...Haiz...

My next station---->> Batu Pahat, Johor.